Catholics At Breakfast Told They Must Be ‘fearless Leaders’ On Issues

WASHINGTON (CNS) — In dealing with several serious issues confronting the church and society today, “the only question is how you respond, not whether you should,” said Helen Alvare at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, held May 9 in Washington.

The response Alvare suggested to her audience: “As our leader (Pope Francis) is fearless, let us be fearless leaders.”

Alvare, an associate professor at the George Mason University School of Law in Arlington, Va., a suburb of Washington, said Christians can’t merely find issues on which to work. “Rather, they find us,” she added.

“You live when you live, in the place where you’re put, and you’re given the issues you’re given,” Alvare said.

The prime issue she raised in her talk was that “our government is today endorsing a view of intimate human relationships we might call ‘sexual expressionism.’ That is, it is championing as a cherished

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