Changing perceptions of still life

A still life painting — that’s a bowl of fruit or a vase of flowers, right?

Three local artists are about to change your perception of the classic still life using three different mediums when they open a show at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery (GPAG) on Feb. 7.

Alan Sirulnikoff from Gibsons uses his finely tuned photographer’s eye, and Richard Nelson of Gibsons incorporates still life images into video with original music. Artist Maurice Spira of Roberts Creek will do what he does best — paint.

Though the tone is contemporary, the traditions are not forgotten. Sirulnikoff’s photos — close-ups of objects usually found in nature: a leaf, a seed pod, a root, driftwood — are shot with slide film in natural light and are not digitally manipulated in any way. Shooting film forces him to be more discerning, he explains.

“I love the tradition of it. It still resonates,” Sirulnikoff said.

Sirulnikoff takes the

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