Charles Evans: Nationalism vs. realism

The citizens and leaders of Ukraine are to be commended for the progress that has been made in Ukraine during 2014.  A regressive government has been overthrown and a reformist, democratic government has been created.  The people of Ukraine want to be free and independent, and they want to see their country become a leading economic power in Europe.  The younger generation has seen how people in other European countries live and aspire to rise above the paltry standard of living they presently face in Ukraine.  Although nearly all Ukrainian citizens love their country, some want to leave and find a better life.  Most, however, want to stay and help their country reach its potential.  They have high ideals and aspirations.

Historically, Ukraine has seen very hard times.  Millions of its people have died as a result of directives given by ruthless dictators, either by the sword or by starvation.  Nevertheless,

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