Christa Martin: Anouk Johanna’s career switch; Jennifer Almodova’s ‘sneaky …

Artist Anouk Johanna has become enamored of the watercolor monotype. (Contributed)

After 35 years spent engraving and creating scrimshaw jewelry, artist Anouk Johanna hung up her tools upon discovering that she has osteoarthritis in her thumbs. She felt it was a sign to stop practicing scrimshaw (after a long professional and traveling career in the medium) and instead focus on making and teaching fine art. Two years have passed since that decision and Johanna has had a chance to fully indulge in the other mediums she’s skilled at: drawing, painting, ceramic sculpture, and monotype. She’s also become a recognized local instructor at places like the Santa Cruz Mountain Art Center, the Live Oak Senior Center and the Capitola Recreation Center, where she teaches watercolor, mixed media and basic

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