Clive Botting :Film Reviews – ‘Shaun the Sheep’, ‘Still Life’ and ‘Selma’

Shaun the Sheep wins the day, an independent gem sees Eddie Marsan giving a captivating performance and the story of Martin Luther King’s fight against racism graces the screen.

Director: Mark Burton Richard Starzack
Genre: Animation Adventure
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK 2014 85 mins.

‘Charming, innovative and funny – Sean wins the day.’

‘Shaun the Sheep’ made his 1995 debut in Nick Park’s Oscar winning short film A Close Shave, starring Wallace and Gromit. Now he’s the star in his debut feature and he’s a hit. It was a bold move by Aardman to go without voice-over in what’s essentially a silent film but it works adding strength to this delightful film. Sit back and enjoy 85 minutes of fun.

Life on Mossy Bottom Farm with

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