Cloud Tectonics Beats Us About the Head With its Magical Realism

HOU_STAGE_20150129_CloudTechtonics_GentleBearPhotography.jpgGentle Bear PhotographyDarnea Olson and Greg Dean play brothers caught up with a woman who’s lost in time.Magic realism is a genre that takes time to get use to.

Originating in Latin and South America between the two world wars, as literary historians believe, magic realism blends hyperreality with hyper-fantasy in a sort of Dairy Queen swirl. The mixing of kitchen-sink realism with flights of fancy can seem precious or twee if not deeply rooted in the mundane, from where fantasy can emerge as if absolutely normal.

There are as many theories about why it started in Latin America as this genre has tenets and conventions. Most assume it was the writers’ reaction to newfangled surrealist paintings they saw on trips to Europe that inspired them to tweak their prose. Or, maybe, a delayed reaction to colonialism, or a natural combo of their

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