‘Coastal Views’ exhibit offer works by local landscape painters

New Bern ArtWorks Fine Art Gallery opens a new exhibit Saturday entitled “Coastal Views,” a body of works by landscape painters, Barbara Hesketh, Ken Wallin and Karen Crenshaw.

The exhibit will be on display through July 6 at the Pollock Street gallery.

Painting landscapes in oil has become a main focus for artist Hesketh, with an interest in beach scenes, skyscapes and seascapes. She has expanded her subject matter to include scenes from around North Carolina.

Emotion, sunlight and passion are frequent observations made by people observing the oil work of artist Wallin. With his life on the coast, Wallin captures the beauty of the ocean and the marine life of coastal areas.

Crenshaw’s painting palette shows the influence of the Impressionists with her use of high-keyed hues — soft cobalt and cerulean blues and deep, rich greens and violets. The play of light is reminiscent of Edward Hopper, yet the mood and image

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