Colin Chillag Deconstructs Arizona’s Deserts at 101/Exhibit

Aside from the easy targets of Arizona’s political world — most notably the ever-bumbling “Joe and Jan Show,” which incidentally rated its own titular exhibition at Willo North Gallery two years ago — the quotidian splendors of Phoenix are grossly underutilized as a narrative device by talented contemporary artists, especially those who work in any capacity beyond the confines of the Grand Canyon State. However, the desert-inflected abstract realist paintings of Colin Chillag — as featured in his new show “Anti-Realism,” at the West Hollywood gallery 101/Exhibit — are nothing short of refreshing.

Chillag, 43, originally moved to Phoenix at the age of five, trained as a painter at the San Francisco Art Institute, and returned to the city about a decade after his Bay Area sojourn. What he

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