Comics Realism: The Content-Win, But Brand-Fail Of DC’s New 52


Bleeding Cool’s newest columnist, John Babos, has been blogging about comics and pop culture for over a decade. In addition to his weekly weekend column “Comics Realism” at Bleeding Cool, he continues to write “Demythify” a Monday weekly column for Comics Nexus. The title Comics Realism is inspired by the theory of Fictional Realism that asserts that all fictional characters exist out there, somewhere, for real.

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Comics Realism. This is intended be a weekly weekend column where I talk comics, pop culture and whatever else comes to mind. I’m rather opinionated, but I try to be fair. I hope to hear from you about the topics discussed here.

Before I get into this week’s topic, I’ll introduce myself. I’m John Babos and I’ve been comics blogging for over a decade and reading comic

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