Cool & Noteworthy 2012: Still life – but not as you know it

A condensed genealogy of the contemporary still life could go like this: Christopher Williams throws authorship out the window by hiring commercial photographers to create his deadpan faux advertising still lifes; Roe Ethridge turns the slightly schizophrenic juxtapositions that commercial photography schedules entail into an artistic strategy; Elad Lassry pilfers the generic glossiness of commodities somewhere between the present, past and kitschy retro-chic; Lucas Blalock deconstructs dollar-store objects through a combination of in-camera techniques and self-aware Photoshop naivety; Sam Falls begins to paint both digitally and physically over his arrangements of fruit, tyres and cinderblock. Next, Joshua Citarella takes it a step further by incorporating false digital artefacts into his chaotically fragmented compositions of melons, frames, rocks, obelisks and mirrors; Darren Harvey-Regan hand-paints the trademark grey-and-white Photoshop background grid over found sculptures; Kate Steciw stops taking photographs and digitally distorts stock images she sources online; Takeshi Murata disposes with the

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