Cory Hanson and Wand Get Apocalyptic on Sophomore Album Golem


Looking at the cover art for Los Angeles psych-rock group Wand’s sophomore album, Golem, you might wonder what exactly is going on in their minds. We sure were.

So we asked frontman Cory Hanson. The answer? Possession, death, denial, German expressionism and the apocalypse, to name a few things. And probably his shepherd/corgi mix, Charlie, whom he says is Wand’s “little spirit animal.”

Illustrated by visual artist Reuben Sawyer (who’s done work for acts like Destruction Unit, Deafheaven and Chelsea Wolfe), the cover features a Greek tragedy mask hovering beside a floating table, with a broken candle tipped over and a shattered face carved out of stone. Behind that is a window, or perhaps a painting, with a view of the surface of the moon, complete with a floating head of the Egyptian Sphinx and a distant planet (maybe Jupiter?). 

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