Create Amazing Pixel Art With This Free iPhone App

Most photos we take document reality. Just look at Instagram. It’s full of pictures of ourselves, our friends, our pets, and our dinners. But just as art has long since ventured out from the representational, couldn’t we do the same thing with our smartphone photography?

That’s the question posed by User Studio’s Matthieu Savary, creator of the free iPhone app Pixel Is Data. It’s a photo-filter set driven by a concept Savary calls “non-deterministic pixel organization.” These wild images are actual CMOS sensor data from real photographs. But rather than add a few vintage effects to your latest picture, Pixel Is Data allows you to rip into the core of the photo’s information, rearranging pixels by tone and color value, stretching, blurring, and triangulating reality in a strange cross of expressionism and impressionism, new aesthetic and social media.

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