Creative endeavours of three painters

Artworks by Kamrun Nahar and Biplob Kumar Das

Biplob Kumar Das, Ziaur Rahman and Kamrun Nahar are painters different in their mode of expression. One is engrossed in abstract expressionism and others occupied by a realistic mode where portraits and scenic splendour are  mostly focused on.
Biplob Kumar Das was one of the pioneer students of Narayanganj Charukala Institute. He was born and raised on the banks of the Shitalakkhya River. It is very natural that as a painter Das is greatly influenced by his surrounding ambiance. During that time, his mode of expression was purely realistic and the painter went into the details of his subjects. The quiet and serene location tremendously influenced him and he painted tranquil nature, the splendour of the river and the simple people who were really detached from the urban life. Through the paintings, Das attempted

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