Creativity born in darkness

Ingrid Boesten with an untitled piece of her artwork that displays her love of colours and stripes.
Ingrid Boesten has every reason not to paint, or if she did, you’d expect her to do dark works. Ingrid lives with a diagnosis of terminal cancer.
But she picks up her brush again and again.
She started painting tentatively a few years ago out of frustration. Then an event happened that put her creativity into overdrive.
Ingrid worked as a renovator with interior decor and often felt stymied at not being able to find art works that satisfied her clients, and complemented the rooms she had created. One client described what she wanted and Ingrid thought, “I can do this myself.”
She painted her vision on a four-by-eightfoot piece of plywood and the client fell in love with the result. As time went on, Ingrid experimented with shapes and colours, but kept

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