Curryland Chronicles: Still Life With Rishikesh

image (6)A baby cow nearly peed on us while we were seated in a cement cove near a chai stall playing Scrabble (or “exhibitionist Scrabble” as my boyfriend has recently been calling it, since whenever we play a whole flock of Indians- usually men and boys- gather around closely, gaping and observing our every slow and subtle move) the other day. A black tarp- that really resembled more of a trash bag- was laid out like a picnic blanket, which is where we were seated. The mangy brown calf clomped up the ledge and loitered dangerously close to our steaming tea glasses. We shooed him aside. That was when he peed. Right on the tarp thing. It splattered and ran off it all directions, little rivulets cascading across the plastic. A fellow chai stall patron, an

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