Darlene Katz will show portraits, landscapes at Redlands Community Hospital’s …

Darlene Katz, an award-winning artist based in Southern California, has a doctorate in immunology but has always been artistically active, working extensively with oil and acrylic paints, pencil, charcoal and clay sculpture from an early age. Katz will be one of six artists featured during the fifth annual Evening with the Artists hosted by the Redlands Community Hospital Foundation on April 19.

Katz, who is a scientist by training and an artist by choice, said she believes that identical skills are necessary for art and science.

“Art requires knowledge of technical information and science requires creativity,” Katz said. “Both sides of the brain come into play for an artist to be successful; technical and creative aspects of the painting are both essential in developing an emotional response in the observer. “

Katz has been a professional artist since 1999, and her award-winning work is displayed in Southern California galleries and national

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