Daudi Mzili Two Dichotomy of Indigenous Expressionism

The pomp that surrounds ‘Dichotomy of Daudi Mzili Annual Exhibit’ was again evident at the exhibition opening recently at the Makerere Art Gallery. Riding from the success of last year’s show at the same venue, the two artists, Henry Mzili and Daudi Karungi, showed off their recent production under the theme, Indigenous Expressionism. The protagonists of Indigenous Expression- a moniker they enjoy- delved into a number of subjects of social consciousness while creating a fusion between what is contemporary art and modernist art.

Mzili’s marriage of non-traditional media like scratches and ink with tactile objects like bark-cloth and human bone, boldly invoked the idea of experimentation that is synonymous with the genre. Yet it also, in a very eloquent way, countered the relationship between what is contemporary and modernist art.

The artist, often shifting the boundaries of his art- and working in both the conscious and sub-conscious facilitates this

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