Dave Sauer exhibits ‘Cabin Fever’ paintings at Veleska Jewelry

What do you do if you are an artist and you’ve been stuck inside all winter, looking at bare trees and ice-covered limbs and stark grey skies and snowdrifts?

Paint, of course!

Expressing a sense of what we have all experienced this past winter — with its record minus-degree temperatures and seemingly endless snow — Lancaster artist Dave Sauer created a series of “Cabin Fever” paintings when winter trapped him indoors.

Sauer looked out of the window of his Mount Gretna home and painted what he saw. Well, not exactly.

“Everything was brown and grey and white,” says Sauer. “So I added my own colors.”

His acrylic landscapes have lots of trees, as one would expect from his heavily wooded view of the world. His skies, however, range from deep violet to sapphire blue, set against

Article source: http://lancasteronline.com/entertainment/art/dave-sauer-exhibits-cabin-fever-paintings-at-veleska-jewelry/article_cc49fa36-c63a-11e3-9277-001a4bcf6878.html

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