David Bowie: the show goes on at the V&A

Just how dangerous he seemed comes over in a report from the BBC’s Nationwide
in 1973, played through a monitor. “It’s a sign of the times that a man with
a painted face and carefully painted fingernails can inspire adoration from
girls aged between 14 and 20,” says Bernard Falk, wonderingly, as Bowie
struts his stuff in short white silk kimono and lustrous red hair.

That was how we children of suburban Britain experienced our hero. It took us
a bit to see him in the flesh (our parents didn’t necessarily think he was
suitable), but he could still make an impact via the small screen. One of
the most thrilling epiphanies here is to see the quilted Freddie Burretti
two-piece Ziggy Stardust suit in red, gold and blue that Bowie wore on his

Article source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/music/rockandpopmusic/9937804/David-Bowie-the-show-goes-on-at-the-VandA.html

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