DCA’s annual art lecture to be on the impressionists

Edgar Degas, Entrance of the Masked Dancers

This year, the Darien Community Association’s annual art lecture Series will be called “Between modernity and tradition: Impressionism.”

It would be the rare museum visitor who would not be immediately taken in by the lush colors, readily recognizable subject matter, and instant understanding of what they are looking at.

Impressionism was the first art movement entirely devoted to representations of modern life and contemporary surroundings, using techniques that itself expressed the modernity of its themes. Over the course of the four lectures, by nationally-renowned art historians, the attendees of the DCA’s series will move from “looking” to deeper levels of “seeing”, further developing their own powers of discrimination in understanding and evaluating art.

Two art historians and curators from the Clark Art Institute will be focusing on the work of the French Impressionists, including Renoir. The Clark has the largest collection (32) of

Article source: http://www.darientimes.com/75222/dcas-annual-art-lecture-to-be-on-the-impressionists/

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