DDF review: Still Life

By Veronica Guranda

sian green

Still Life by Sian Green opens our artistic minds and lonely souls for collaboration and mutual inspiration, be it in this world or the next one, it doesn’t matter since art is eternal.

In front of us we have displayed five archetypes of artists: the shy and insecure artist, the professional one, the illustrator with a crappy job, the keen design student, and the accomplished but bored artist.

The variety of characters chosen worked well in order to provide a humorous, yet balanced and harmonious atmosphere to the overall performance, at the same time as letting us enjoy the peculiarity of each character’s personality.

The atmosphere seemed to give the impression that we are assisting at a confession, whilst these artists struggle to answer the never fading questions about life, death, and

Article source: http://www.palatinate.org.uk/?p=45498

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