Dealer’s Notebook: Stefania Bortolami on the Gallery’s Role as Creative Catalyst

AGE: 46

HAILS FROM: Turin, Italy

PRESIDES OVER: Bortolami Gallery, 520 West 20th street, New York


ARTISTS SHOWN: Richard Aldrich, Daniel Buren, Tom Burr, Morgan Fisher, Michel François, Piero Golia, Thilo Heinzmann, Patrick Hill, Scott King, Jutta Koether, Jonathan Meese, Anna Ostoya, Peter Peri, Ben Schumacher, Gary Webb, Eric Wesley, Aaron Young

GALLERY’S FIRST SHOW: “Closing Down,” September 2005, Bortolami + Dayan (during 2005–07 partnership with Amalia Dayan)

What is your background? Was there art on the walls when you were growing up?

My father is Italian and my mother is Dutch. I grew up with my father and stepmother — who is from the former Yugoslavia — and started visiting my mother in Geneva as a young child. I learned a great many languages and did a lot of traveling, but did not grow up with art. Art is something I discovered on my own in my late teens.

Do you recall

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