Destination: NC Museum of Arts’ Still-Life Masterpieces

Here’s what I like about the special exhibition Still-Life Masterpieces: A Visual Feast at the N.C. Museum of Art: At one point, you’re looking at gorgeous, classical paintings. They are the kind of still lifes pictured in countless art history books – beautiful bowls, colorful fruit, bursts of flowers.

Then you turn the corner and see this: An orange-red plastic Hawaiian Punch pitcher and matching cups that look like a pineapple.

As the art museum’s Natalie Braswell tells me, this exhibit is very accessible, making it a great stop for families with grade schoolers and up. The exhibit pulls in big names in art history such as Manet, Renoir, and Cézanne. But the subjects of many of the paintings are everyday objects, making the works relatable for kids.

Still-Life Masterpieces comes from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and features more than 70 European and American paintings and pieces from the past

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