Dimensions of Nature: Local artist reimagines landscapes

While most students were still saying goodbye to winter break, the Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech was welcoming a new exhibition.

“Landscape: Another Dimension” features art by Joni Pienkowski, a local artist whose work sets out to redefine both landscapes and the art of painting itself.

Every piece currently hanging in the Ruth C. Horton Gallery in the center started its life as a piece of birch panel laid bare on Pienkowski’s studio floor. She’s been an artist for more than fifty years, but Pienkowski refuses to paint at an easel if she can help it.

Instead, she prefers a more physical approach to her work, one that requires her to squat, kneel or even straddle a painting if the situation calls for it.

“It’s rather athletic painting,” Pienkowski said. “It’s not sitting

Article source: http://www.collegiatetimes.com/lifestyle/article_f7aa581e-8469-11e3-bf9d-001a4bcf6878.html

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