Dinner and Art With Satan

Someone once said to Salvador Dali “You’ve gone too far.” Dali replied, “But that’s the only place I have ever wanted to go.” This is something the controversial and often misunderstood artist Steven Johnson Leyba, lives by. Leyba is no stranger to pushing limits artistically; at times he and his art make some people uncomfortable and others enthralled.

In 1997, Leyba was asked to perform at Jack Dorsey’s birthday party. Dorsey was a political consultant at this time in San Francisco, responsible for getting two consecutive city mayors elected. Dorsey was then hired by the 49ers to assist them in getting votes for legislation, granting them a new 49ers stadium. Leyba decided to showcase “The Apache Whisky Rite,” at this event, which used ritual to illustrate how alcohol was used to oppress and control Native Americans in this country. This ritual consisted of a pentagram

Article source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/vanessa-pinto/art-music-politics-an-int_b_3307104.html

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