Dodge City officials grapple with Dennis Hopper statue display

— Dodge City officials are not quite sure just where to put two massive sculptures donated by the Dennis Hopper Art Trust to the city where its namesake was born and raised.

The pieces – known as La Salsa Man and Mobil Man – are 26 and 21 feet tall respectively and embody a style that the trust administrator has called a “large, impactful and a defiant blend of Californian and Southwestern culture mixed with Hollywood grandeur.”

County Commissioners unanimously voted to put the statutes at the special events center, while the city commissioners unanimously voted against the placement, suggesting instead a park in town to display them. The issue is expected to resurface at another city commission meeting.

The Dodge City Globe ( reported that Hopper – who some say lived life at the cross-section of art and film – had a rocky relationship with his hometown. He

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