Dreamland taps into Buffalo’s creative underground

Every so often, someone digs a new well into Buffalo’s bubbling creative underground.

Most of these wells draw water for limited periods of time before becoming too difficult to sustain. These wells have names like Kitchen Distribution, Soundlab, the Vault or the still-extant Sugar City, and each dispenses a slightly different flavor of culture.

When you hear about these places, it’s best to get there and drink up as much as you can, lest you return to find them shuttered, paved over or rented out to a hair salon. One of the newest and most promising of these wells is Dreamland, a queer-friendly and racially diverse arts space and collective on Franklin Street that is about to celebrate its one-year anniversary.

The venue, which had its semi-official public coming-out party during last summer’s Infringement Festival and has hosted a series of increasingly popular events since, was launched by a loose collective

Article source: http://buffalo.com/2015/02/08/uncategorized/dreamland-taps-into-buffalos-creative-underground/

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