‘Durand-Ruel’ Impressionism Show Tours Paris, London, Philadelphia

Monet’s ‘La Liseuse’ (1872)

Paris art dealer

Paul Durand-Ruel

helped to make the Impressionists famous by changing the marketing and display of art. At a time when paintings were hung floor-to-ceiling in group shows, he exhibited artists such as Claude Monet at eye-level in solo exhibitions.

Now Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and the others are returning the marketing favor by bringing in crowds to an exhibition about their dealer. “Paul Durand-Ruel: The Gamble of the Impressionists” runs at Paris’s Musée du Luxembourg until Feb. 8, then travels to London’s National Gallery from March 4 to May 31 and

Article source: http://www.wsj.com/articles/durand-ruel-impressionism-show-tours-paris-london-philadelphia-1421447232

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