Ein Hod’s treasure trove of art

Established in 1953 as an artists’ colony, Ein Hod, southeast of Haifa, boasts a splendid view of the Mediterranean amid a mountaintop that precedes, or rather readies one for, the creative feast that is sure to titillate the would-be arts lover.

The primary, solo show of esteemed artist Yoav Shualy demonstrated a great love for the land, the very earth and organic life of Israel. His focus is the play of light and shadow as it merges, sharpens and shimmers to form trees, die veldt and the lingering rays that come from above.

His oil paintings conjure a sense of seasonal ambiance and a hyperreal sense of the lay of the land. His meticulous detail is such that chaos is transformed into order, which in turn reveals a new kind of chaos and so on in an endless oscillation that

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