Eli Klein’s rise as an art power in China

Daniel Genis

When prepared properly, the yin-yang fish is gutted so quickly it survives long enough to roll its eyes at you from your plate. This Chinese delicacy – also known as “dead-alive fish”– is cooked with a wet towel wrapped around the head and gills, while the rest of the fish is deep-fried. The dish is banned in Taiwan, where it was invented, as well as Australia and Germany. In mainland China, it is considered a luxury, but when Eli Klein came face-to-face with one, he understood it was a test. He knew his future was about to be determined in a Shanghai alley.

Klein and his Chinese partner, Shanna Sun, were scrambling to establish their Klein Sun Gallery, and this

Article source: http://www.afr.com/lifestyle/arts-and-entertainment/art/eli-kleins-rise-as-an-art-power-in-china-20150417-1mk1wj

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