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Oil painter Kwani Povi Winder didn’t always know she wanted to be an artist.

“I actually was a biology major for three years,” Winder said. “I am a few classes shy of a biology degree.”

While she did art all throughout growing up, Winder said she wanted to be a physical therapist. It wasn’t until her art major friend convinced her to take an art class with her that the profession started to bloom.

Winder enjoyed the class, but put it on the shelf for a couple of years, she said.

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Kwani Povi Winder art

“Then one summer right after my dad passed away art is what kept me going so I took a few more art classes that semester and really looked at changing my major,” Winder said.

She made the switch, and the rest is history. Winder graduated with a bachelor of fine arts in oil painting from

Article source: http://www.standard.net/Arts-Culture/2015/06/24/Emerging-local-artist-to-show-Ogden-landscapes.html

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