Environmental artist Aaron McElligott tells how he makes virtual worlds ‘real’

Ninja Theory’s lead environmental artist Aaron McElligott has created some unique worlds, from the post-apocalyptic future of Enslaved to the surreal landscapes of Devil May Cry. Here he shares with us the role he plays in immersing players into their games

What does a lead environmental artist do?

A lot of mentoring and making sure people are hitting the goals they want to achieve. Maintaining the vision of the creative director and managing schedules, checking performance of the game and making art.

How much research do you do when designing worlds?

We put in an awful lot of research at the beginning and this doesn’t really end. Everyone gets involved in research, there are often numerous awesome ideas that are better than things you’ve thought of yourself, no matter how junior the person who suggested it.

How important is realism in what you

Article source: http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/apr/09/video-games-environmental-artist-aaron-mcelligott-interview

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