Esmé Patterson


Esmé Patterson recently released Woman to Woman, an album about the untold stories of women immortalized in others’ songs, from The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby” to Elvis Costello’s “Alison.” It’s her second solo album outside of Americana collective Paper Bird. She spoke to us about her first guitar, having fun with dissonance, doing handstands in the studio and more.

How would you describe Woman to Woman?

Woman to Woman is a series of responses to famous songs focused on women. In the tunes, I try to embody that woman and tell her side of the story. The album was recorded very live – I sang it all live, there are no vocal overdubs. Through recording in that style, I was trying to convey a sense of immediacy, of raw feeling and energy.

How would you compare it to your last album?

Compared to my first

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