Evansville Museum’s focus on still life inspires collectors, sets trend

The Evansville Museum’s contemporary still life collection has been a perennial favorite of many visitors, so much so that it has inspired several area residents and businesses to start their own collections of the work.

To celebrate those local collections, the museum’s “Evansville Collects” exhibit — done every four years — will feature 61 still life works by contemporary American artists from local collectors and businesses.

“Evansville Collects: Contemporary American Still Life” celebrates a most happy consequence of the museum’s focus on the still life genre, said Mary Bower, the museum’s interim director and curator of collections. The show, running from Sunday through July 14 in the Old Gallery, will feature 28 artists from 16 private collections in Evansville and Newburgh.

DENNY SIMMONS/Courier  Press“The Box Seat” by Robert Deyber

Photo by Denny Simmons, DENNY SIMMONS

“The Box Seat” by Robert Deyber

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