Evolving art

In Denton, tattoos have become an integral part of the culture, much like craft beer, live music and facial hair.

The success of numerous tattoo shops in proximity to each other shows the demand for body art is high and growing, and local artists speculate the industry is undergoing changes.

“Tattooing, right now, is at the most popular level it’s ever been,” said Rember Orellana, co-owner of Dark Age Tattoo Studio.

Orellana and Francisco Sanchez opened Dark Age on the Square in July after more than a decade of working in tattoo shops around North Texas and competing in national contests.

In recent years, the award-winning artists have witnessed the rise of tattoos in mainstream popularity and artists pushing for their work to be recognized as a form of fine art.

“It’s constantly improving and you’re seeing more of it,” Sanchez said. “You even have tattoo aftercare at pharmacies. Before, you would never find anything

Article source: http://www.dentonrc.com/business-tech/denton-business-headlines/20150502-evolving-art.ece

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