Exhibit | Landscapes defy the ordinary

Three distinct voices emerge in the age-old trope of landscape painting at the Art Access
Gallery in Bexley.

About 100 paintings by Perry Brown, Joe Lombardo and Susan Mahan are on view.

Brown’s approach to landscape painting is a tranquil one, and his atmospheric effects are

Lost Valley emblematizes his work. The pastoral scene evokes the grand landscapes of the
Hudson River school or the quiet perfection of 17th-century Flemish landscape painters. With
calculated and precise brushwork, the work makes it easy to become lost in the rural scene as a
thin sheen of fog rolls over the hills.

A collection of winter and autumn landscapes
— Harken,
The Walk and
Solitude — represents scenes familiar to the Midwest.

Winslow’s Dairy offers a panoramic and idyllic view of rural life, with cows quietly
grazing in a field shrouded in autumn light, a whitewashed farmhouse and barn in the

Lombardo’s landscapes are largely

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