Exhibit | Paintings pop with bold colors

The artists who show at Hayley Gallery in New Albany earn a solo exhibit after customers
purchase a certain number of their works.

Painter Chris Lucas reached the goal easily, and her “Colors of Fun” exhibit is a testament to

“She goes so easily between painting in acrylic and painting in oil,” said Hayley Deeter,
co-owner of the gallery and its adjacent restaurant, Ella. “It’s like being able to write with both
left and right hands.”

Years ago, Lucas was glad she had acrylic paint in her repertoire. She and her husband, Mark,
returned home from an evening out to find the baby sitter frantically scrubbing purple paint from
their bedroom walls — applied generously by the little hands of their son. It was acrylic, thank
goodness; oil paint would have been far less forgiving.

Their two children are now adults, leaving Lucas with time to work with both paints and toArticle source: http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/life_and_entertainment/2014/06/01/1-paintings-pop-with-bold-colors.html

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