Exhibit preview: Bryan Grey loves dogs, art and dog art

If there’s one exciting thing about the arts community, it’s how artists keep popping up with fascinating ideas — and works — for art shows, often in unexpected venues. Bryan Grey is the latest, with his upcoming solo exhibition at Three Dog Bakery opening this Saturday, fantastically titled “The Lick Styles of the Bitch and the Fur Fabulous.”

Grey is an avid dog-lover (owner of a four-year-old German shepherd named Ripley after the heroine in “Alien”), rock ’n’ roller and fashion enthusiast, and wanted to pitch all three into an exhibit. Therefore, “The Lick Styles of the Bitch and the Fur Fabulous” is a collection of paint and colored-pencil illustrations featuring different breeds of dogs all done up.

“It’s not just your typical dog portrait,” said Grey during an interview at Red Brick Tap and Grill, where he creates large chalkboard pieces on a weekly basis. “It’s really decadent dogs …

Article source: http://www.columbusalive.com/content/stories/2014/05/01/exhibit-preview-bryan-grey-loves-dogs-art-and-dog-art.html

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