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Pablo Soria's Asi creere que la noche me proteje y que vos no te fuiste      (And so I believe that the night protects me and that you did not go)

Pablo Soria’s “Asi creere que la noche me proteje y que vos no te fuiste” 

“Landscapes, Mindscapes and Dreamscapes” at Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art features striking images of the untamed world by James Couper, Heidi Edwards, John Hardy, Nancy Hellebrand, Bruce Marsh and Pablo Soria. Within their images, Mother Nature is sometimes a damsel in distress — and sometimes, a source of fearful power. (As in, “It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature.) This dichotomy is especially clear in Pablo Soria’s photography. The Argentian born artist’s imagery evokes the tangled mindscapes of dream and nightmare — and the very real country he left behind. All his

Article source: http://arts.heraldtribune.com/2013-04-28/content/visual-arts-preview-landscapes-mindscapes-and-dreamscapes/

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