Exhibition Shows Impressionism’s Impact on Christian Dior

GRANVILLE, France – A new exhibition at the Musee Christian Dior in Granville, France, seeks to show the public how the couturier’s designs were influenced by the impressionist movement.

“Impressions Dior,” which runs until Sept. 22, is taking place at Villa Les Rhumbs in Granville, where Dior spent his childhood.

The exhibition includes more than 70 dresses and accessories, as well as drawings, photographs and other items that show how the French impressionist movement influenced Dior (1905-1957).

“Impressions Dior” will show “some of Christian Dior’s creations and photographs of his garden, revealing the extent to which Dior was aware of the natural environment and the themes of light and reflections, just as the Impressionist painters had been,” the curators said in a statement. EFE

Article source: http://www.laht.com/article.asp?ArticleId=771361&CategoryId=13003

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