Exploring new and old landscapes

‘UNTITLED’ By Hilary IronsThe nature-inspired work of Lydia Badger, Hilary Irons, and Erik Weisenburger, on display at Rose Contemporary under the name “The New Landscape,” is undoubtedly new — powerfully conceived, refreshingly innovative, and scrupulously executed — but the three are also happy to be part of a long tradition. As a whole, the show evokes multiple references to past art, art-historical concepts, and tropes (one of the latter being the notion that art works successfully displayed together can speak to each other). This bunch is definitely having a conversation, reminiscing about what a landscape painting used to be and musing about its future look. But as conversations go, they may all move in the same general direction but arrive there from different angles.

Threads that tie the work of Badger, Irons, and Weisenburger together, beyond the obvious formal ones generated

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