Expressive geometric patterns

FURN AL-SHUBBAK, Lebanon: Some people find abstract art hard to understand: Shapes and colors are seemingly randomly assembled on a canvas, with no hint whatsoever of context or the artist’s intentions. But Lebanese viewers might be pleasantly surprised by Paul Chemaly’s abstract paintings now on show at Furn al-Shubbak’s Cynthia Nouhra Art Gallery. Entitled “Patterns,” this exhibition gathers 33 oil-on-canvas works in a demonstration of Chemaly’s diverse and interesting use of geometric designs.

There are thick layers of paint, torn canvases and bright colors, all meant to attract as many eyes as possible. Chemaly’s patterns resemble an artistic kaleidoscope that is likely to immerse viewers in his eclectic realm.

“La Roue du Temps” (Time Wheel) – a 100×80 cm work – is made up of thick yellow, orange, gray and red brushstrokes on a dark green background. The technique Chemaly uses plunges the viewers in a spiral and his geometric patterns

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