Failure as Success in Painting: Bram van Velde, the Invisible (Part 1)

James Bishop, “Middle” (1972), oil on canvas, 74 1/4 x 74 1/4 inches (© Paul Rodgers/9w Gallery, NY)

Last summer, at a press preview before the opening of his exhibition at the David Zwirner Gallery, the painter James Bishop, recounting his early Paris days in the sixties, mentioned in passing his strong interest in Bram van Velde’s work. Even though he had previously mentioned it in 1993, in an interview with Dieter Schwarz on the occasion of his retrospective traveling in Europe (“a painter that I admire enormously now is Bram van Velde, but I did not know his work then”), this reference was so unexpected that I felt I had to probe him more about it. In his laconic way, he then confirmed that he was as fascinated by Bram’s work as he was by his persona. I asked him if he

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