Family still adjusting to life after flood, loss of Gerry Boland – Longmont Daily Times

Cheron Boland shakes her head at the suggestion that she did something courageous. She doesn’t call this a tragically beautiful love story. She’d never use the word “star-crossed.”

It was simply what you do.

Four months later, her three children look back in awe at their parents’ courage and commitment to each other — such dedication that it took their father’s life, and nearly their mother’s.

Their middle child, Amy Hoh, of Longmont, calls her 76-year-old mom the bravest person she knows.

“No matter what it costs, they taught us a lesson, clear up to the last second of my dad’s life: You do the right thing. You don’t leave anyone behind,” Hoh said.

She pauses for a deep breath. “I’ll never wrap my head around it.”

After a family lunch at Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ Taphouse in Lyons, Hoh, 46, remembers hugging her dad goodbye and smiling as he

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