Farmland Preservation Artists’ ‘Rural Landscapes’ exhibit captures beauty of …

A new exhibit at the Centre Furnace Mansion shows how the Centre Region and its scenery inspire local artists. The “Rural Landscapes” exhibit features pieces from members of the Farmland Preservation Artists of Central Pennsylvania, a group of 16 artists who promote the area’s farmland through visual arts. The event is a collaboration between the Farmland Preservation Artists and the Centre County Historical Society.

The exhibit includes a variety of paintings and photographs and will be on display at the Centre Furnace Mansion through Nov. 14. Historical society Executive Director Mary Sorenson said the display is designed to honor the region’s scenery and promote awareness of rural land that can be affected by new construction.

“We hope this helps to promote the cause of preservation in a number of different ways,” Sorensen said. “Part of what inspired this initially was

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