‘Father Still Life’ at 313 Art Project, Seoul

313 Art Project, Seoul is showcasing Gigisue’s new body of work. 

The exhibition introduces the new body of Gigisue’s representative “Father Still Life” painting series, in which she explores and visualizes interrelation among art, unfortunate personal history, and modern social structure that caused her struggles. She seeks for cure and conciliation as she reinterprets the meaning of father, a symbolization of authority, with the related capitalistic structure as well as with modern society.

Born and raised in Seoul, Gigisue is an emerging Korean artist who applies various genres, including painting, drawing, installation, and video, to visualize emotional conflicts she had encountered in juvenility and ultimately seeks for reconciliation through the works. She is concerned with a modern social

Article source: http://www.blouinartinfo.com/news/story/2821443/father-still-life-at-313-art-project-seoul

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