February Art Gallery features return of former student’s landscapes

“Art is a reflection of my life. The things that are important to me and the things that I connect with are usually what are outwardly expressed on canvas. I have a passion for coastal and island life. My favorite thing to do with my artwork is to set up at the beach with my travel easel, right in the water and paint the beauty of God’s creation as it changes in front of me. It just does it for me. Every painting has a story. Sometimes bizarre things happen. Sometimes onlookers stop to peek. Sometimes the moment is graced with peace, or beauty or some type of funny accident. Some people might not understand why I paint coastal and island life so much or drag my easel all around with me, but with every trip, every painting and every brushstroke there is a story to tell and a memory

Article source: http://news.psu.edu/story/301983/2014/01/29/arts-and-entertainment/february-art-gallery-features-return-former-student%E2%80%99s

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