Film Review: Still Life

-By Simi Horwitz

The final scene in Uberto Pasolini’s Still Life misfires
badly. But until that moment it’s an original and wonderfully
conceived character study of a low-level British bureaucrat whose
job for the local council in South London entails tracking down the
next of kin of those who have died alone. And when John May
(brilliantly played by Eddie Marsan) is unable to find anyone,
which is most of the time, he takes it upon himself to write the
eulogy and arrange the funeral—including religious service and
appropriate music—for the deceased who would otherwise go to
his/her grave with no sendoff of any kind. John is usually the only
mourner in attendance.

Work is his life and he is not an unhappy man. His days have
purpose and structure. Repetition is soothing. His nightly meal
consists of a can of tuna on a slice of toast, and whenever heArticle source:

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