Found objects in Stamford UConn art show

So-called realism in art might actually be a completely unrealistic way of viewing our modern world in which we spend so much time in cyberspace and where plastic has replaced so many organic materials.

“Some people like representational art. Not me. Today’s world might call for non-representational art,” Dorothea Osborn said, with a chuckle, of the pieces she makes in a suburban/rural area just outside Albany, N.Y.

The artist’s paintings and assemblages are the subject of a solo show opening Monday, March 23, in the gallery at the Stamford UConn campus.

In some of her work, Osborn uses found objects to make collages that she sees as evidence of God’s presence in both the natural and man-made worlds.

Art historian Robert D. Shane of the College of Saint Rose in Albany has praised the unlikely mixtures of materials in Osborn’s work.

Writing of a piece called “The View” Shane said, “The plastic wrap floating across

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