Four Neo-Modern Abstract Solos Dazzle the Eye at the Havu Gallery

Monroe Hodder, Video Killed the Radio Star

The William Havu Gallery has staked out a wide swath of aesthetic territory for its exhibitions. For example, while it highlighted neo-traditional landscapes last month, this month’s focus is on a set of solos featuring neo-modern abstracts.

The array begins with Monroe Hodder: Smoke and Mirrors, which comprises very recent efforts. Over the past decade, Hodder has made a name for herself via paintings that strike a balance between geometric abstraction and expressionism, carried out in deep, rich shades. This new work, though arguably an extension of these previous pieces, represents a big change. The compositions are no longer constrained by horizontal lines, and the palette’s volume has been turned way up. To be honest, not all of them work, but when they do, as with “Razzle Dazzle,” they reveal that Hodder is really on to something — though she

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